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Does Anybody know absolute or relative cost of forzed parameterization in SQL Server 2008?

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I'm not aware of anything put out by Ms more than the guidelines from Forced Parameterization. If my opinion is of any value, from what i know about this process, the cost of changing the plan to be forced parametrized has a minimal impact on the overal cost of the query. As always, there are always a lot more details that can push the answer into the realms of 'it depends', like: complexitiy of the query, possible impact of parameter sniffing, posible loss of partition restrctions etc etc, but you asked a very generic question.

You can read my reply at on an more detailed explanation on a related topic, why simple/forced parametrization is a far cry from actually using true parameterized queries.

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i think this is the best answer that i will get, thx – fravelgue Jan 8 '10 at 19:07

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