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Is there any specific module/package in Linux responsible for initiating shut-down, once the power-off button was pressed?

I installed a minimal version of CentOS Linux by removing the base package, and the power-off button stopped working.

It does works fine in regular installation, so there must be some package missing?

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Yea, it's probably ACPI support.

Chances are support is already compiled into your kernel. Look for /proc/acpi or /proc/sys/acpi. If you see them, skip to the "install ACPID" bit.

Assuming you DON'T have a kernel that supports acpi, here's a little ACPI "How-To" for Fedora 8, which is admittedly not the same, but the process should be very similar. Here's another, more modern one.

If your kernel already supports acpi, you might want to simply try using a package manager to install acpid which should fix the problem.

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Thanks, acpid seems as what I looked for! – SyRenity Jan 10 '10 at 8:12

You may need the acpid-1.0.4-9.el5 package installed.

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