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I have little experience with lower level http, and I am curious about a situation which I've come across.

I was monitoring http traffic with HttpWatch, and noticed that an IIS server on submitting an .aspx login form returns a 200 OK response, after which the browser redirects to a site inner (authenticated) page. The login response contains no redirection headers (no 302), and the content of the response is plain text: "22|pageRedirect||/Official/Default.aspx|" (containing the relative redirection path).

If anyone could clear things up about how the redirection comes about, I would be grateful.

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They are probably sending the redirect from their web application

like this

or this

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Thanks for the suggestion, but Response.Redirect(URL) creates a "Location: URL" header, which isn't present in this case. – Kenan E. K. Jan 7 '10 at 21:47
I think what zypher was asserting is that the application might be handling it all on the client side. i.e. This is some sort of AJAX-sh sort of application and the client side JavaScript knew to take that string, parse it and tell the browser to load that page w/o triggering a tradiional redirect. – Corey S. Jan 7 '10 at 22:11
You were right, thanks! – Kenan E. K. Jan 7 '10 at 22:59
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After Zypher's answer and Corey's comment, I did some investigating with Javascript Deobfuscator firefox plugin, and searched all the script loaded with the page for the "pageRedirect" string. The string was found in a piece of javascript from Telerik, as part of the functionality for some sort of script manager component, thus solving the mistery.

Thanks for the help!

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