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Does anyone know the approximate time required to retrieve and modify a kilobyte of data for various types of storage media in a typical modern server?


  • RAM
  • Hard disk
  • SSD

This would be a random access, not sequential.

I'm more interested in the orders of magnitude than the specific actual numbers (since I don't know the actual hardware my software will be running on).

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Well generally speaking you get the roughly the following speeds for random reads;

  • Main Memory (DDR3 1600) - 12GBps
  • Fast Disk (6Gb SAS 2.5 15k) - 5-15MBps
  • Slow Disk (3Gb SATA 3.5 7.2) - 2-10Mbps
  • Average SSD (Intel X25) - 50MBps

Hopefully that should give you some ideas on magnitude.

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