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I run a website that has published its RSS feed at a given location for years. However, I'm now forced to move the feed to another URL. Let's say the original URL was and the new address is

I see from google webmaster tools that there's lots of activity picking up feeds from the existing URL.

I understand that HTTP-correct way of signalling a move to the feed fetcher is for the HTTP header on to send a response code 301 "Moved Permanently" and the target URL.

With existing constraints on the site, I can't do this right now. Is there a way I can tell google reader about the redirection? Say through google site tools or maybe some other way?

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As you said, 301 is THE correct way. Is the server Apache and if so, Rewrite is disabled in .htaccess?

Howto redirect feed urls to feedburner in .htaccess

If you have access to the code of the whatever-your-blog-engine-might be, you could use the language to modify the HTTP headers to return the "301 MOVED PERMANENTLY" instead of 200 FOUND". If so, which software/language are you running?

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The .htaccess redirection worked fine thanks! (Using Apache under Linux) – cartoonfox Jan 15 '10 at 12:34

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