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I'm looking for a solution to organize the work shifts of a department like this:

  • 15 employees with each has a different number of hours to work
  • Monday-Friday, 6:00-22:00
  • always one or more employees on shift
  • overlapping shifts
  • self-organization: employees plan their shifts on their own

must have:

  • runs on linux
  • open source
  • webinterface
  • ability to change someone else's shifts

nice to have:

  • user authentication against radius, samba or imap
  • versioning (see who changed something)
  • exporting to something like csv or ics
  • tracking of overtime and vacation

I guess that I am not the first to set up something like this and I'd be really thankful for a recommendation.


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These guys here seem to have a lot of what you're after: It's not free though, but then you didn't stipulate that in your question so I guess it should be OK. It's ASP though.

Otherwise you might have to delve into Project Management software, but use it for shifts instead of projects. Something like Task Juggler comes to mind, but it could be a bit of a stretch...

I had the same though about project management software. Another one to look at is – John Gardeniers Jan 25 '10 at 4:42

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