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I need to get the folder contents in one command line, right now if I do stat or ls, it tells me file type is Symbolic Link but it doesn't tell me if it's a file or a folder.

I'm using this;

stat -c '{"name": "%n", "size": "%s", "perms":"%a","type":"%F","user":"%U", "dereference","%N"}' /*;

Important point is, i need a one liner and very speedy output. I couldn't get around this doing ls, maybe there is a solution using find, locate etc. Or if u know how to read from mlocatedb ?


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Try this which adds another field:

stat -c '{L"name": "%n", "size": "%s", "perms":"%a","type":"%F","user":"%U", "dereference":"%N"}' /* | 
    sed '/\/\o47\"\}$/ {s/\}/,\"dir\":\"yes\"\}/;b}; s/\}$/,\"dir\":\"no\"\}/'

By the way, I changed the comma after "dereference" to a colon.

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ls -l will show you the target of a link. Is that what you need? Another option is readlink <file>.

Oops, sorry, didn't read everything there. How about ls -lL. The -L tells ls to dereference the link, so you'll see the target there instead of the link.

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stat also knows the option -L to dereference symlinks. Try your calls with this parameter.

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Is that anything like "defenestrating"? – Dennis Williamson Jan 11 '10 at 19:57
Sorry. I've taken a look at a dictionary. I'm not a native english speaker. – Christian Jan 11 '10 at 20:27
Sorry, just kidding around. – Dennis Williamson Jan 13 '10 at 4:37

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