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How do i get the userenv.log (C:\WINDOWS\Debug\UserMode\userenv.log) to log dates as well as times?

The current format is this

USERENV(2b4.498) 10:51:22:140 ProcessGPOs: Extension Microsoft Offline Files skipped because both deleted and changed GPO lists are empty.
USERENV(2b4.498) 10:51:22:140 ProcessGPOs: -----------------------
USERENV(2b4.498) 10:51:22:140 ProcessGPOs: Processing extension Software Installation
USERENV(2b4.498) 10:51:22:140 CompareGPOLists:  The lists are the same.

But since the log can roll over multiple days it would be very helpful to get dates.

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I don't think there's a simple way to do this - others have the same problem.

How about a script that moves the contents of userenv.log to a new file at midnight? Would a separate log file for each day be any use to you?

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Accepted this as viable answer even though it is not possible in my current environment. Thanks Adam – Simon Jul 30 '09 at 4:59

Ended up doing a reverese read of the file and counting down a date value. The date gets decemented whenever the previous lines time is greater than the current line.

This is not an optimal solution, as there are a few bugs, but it is suitable for my purposes

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