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Recently i was tasked to configure PowerDNS on windows using Microsoft SQL data source so it will resolve LAN names like "a1" into, "a2" into etc. Lots of records. But i don't have experience with DNS server configuration, and there is no "noice" information in PowerDNS manual. Basically, all manual states is "put DNS data into SQL table". And "DNS data" is cryptic records with columns like "domain_id", "type" and fields like "A", "AAA", "SOA" and so on. I have tried to enter some simple data into database and was gifted with exception in powerDNS :). It seems i must enter correct data according to some rules.

The question is: where can i read introductory information about PowerDNS configuration for LAN?

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I really strongly suggest you picking up a solid understanding of DNS prior to doing this...

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Yep. So, is it any introductory information available? :) – Eye of Hell Jan 12 '10 at 14:31
Wikipedia is a good start: Also, it's a little dry, but the DNS & Bind O'Reilly book is a pretty solid resource. – Greeblesnort Jan 13 '10 at 3:19

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