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I have a new Windows 2008 server box coming online in a co-hosted environment. It will host web applications with sql back-end.

What is the best way to secure it?

It will run IIS7 and SQL 2005. The SQL install will only allow Windows authentication. Automatic updates will be enabled.

Should I close certain ports?

I want some sort of protection against DOS attacks and malicious users.

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As long as you keep on top of the security updates and have a paranoid approach to your firewall you will be fine.

  • Lock down connections to specific IP's if possible
  • Only open what you need and firewall them off to specific applications or services.
  • Have ultra-secure passwords.

If you really feel like being paranoid move RDP away from 3389 and move it to another port.

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The best way? After you've got things installed, configured, and running, run the Security Configuration Wizard.

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