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Im using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3. I installed openmotif-2.2.2-16.src.rpm by running the bellow command

rpm -ivh openmotif-2.2.2-16.src.rpm 

I got a 100% complete message.But,when i run rpm -q openmotif, i get the message "package openmotif is not installed"

Please Help Thank You

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You've installed a source RPM, not a binary RPM.

Source RPMs just unpack their source into /usr/src/redhat/ by default and don't show up in the package database.

You'll need to find (or compile, via rpmbuild --rebuild <src rpm>) the right binary RPM for your system.

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As James said that you have install openmotif source to change that into binary follow the link

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James is correct, but I'd also like to point out that Red Hat Enterprise 3 is EOL and will get no further security updates ( I'd recommend moving away from RHEL3 to something that's still supported.

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