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I have a BGP router which announces my networks, but I need announce its IP address in BGP. How I can do that?

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Ok, I've found, I've create an loopback interface and add it with network command into my bgp announce.

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Glad you resolved this issue. Please be sure to mark your answer as "accepted" when you are able. – jscott Jul 27 '12 at 18:27

Normally your upstream ISP will configure a /30 link to you from their address space. You form a EBGP peer with their router over this /30 link. Then any BGP announcements you make to that ISP have a next-hop of your end of the /30 point to point.

Your upstream ISPr selling you BGP should really help walk you through this.

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Googling for "Cisco bgp configuration" returns this document

Probably is the right thing to do.

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Could you please elaborate on what you are trying to achieve?

It is not sensible to announce a single IP address via BGP - upstream routers will filter any range smaller than /25, and hence the address will not be routable.

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