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Is there anyway, on Windows machine, to automatically restart a certain windows service?

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you could create a scheduled task restarting the service with net stop and net start.

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The quick and dirty way would be to setup a scheduled task to run the following command line.

sc.exe stop <serviceName> && sc.exe start <serviceName>

To create this scheduled task to run every midnight via the command line:

SCHTASKS /Create /TN "Restart Service"  /TR "sc.exe stop <serviceName> && sc.exe start <serviceName>" /SC DAILY /ST 00:00 /RU SYSTEM /F

You could of course add far more intelligence and logging to this process. Maybe even write a full Powershell script around the Get-Service CMDLet. If you would rather not create a separate local account (preferred) to run this scheduled task, you can use the account 'System' without a password.

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Your best bet would be to use something like Service Hawk. It has a feature built-in that allows you to restart services automatically on a user-defined schedule.

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