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I am trying to replicate our live server set up local using a single SQL database.

In SQL 2005 I would added 2 linked servers both referencing itself with different names, each point to a different table.

How do I do this in SQL 2008. I've try the various providers and different parameters butto no avail.

The local server is using a trusted connection so I dont need any usernames/passwords

Im ideally need to set up the following linked references:

DBSVR1 - mydb_master DBSVR2 - mydb_import

Any light on the subject would help, I managed to do it in 2005 about 8 months ago but cant remember how, now Im in 2008!

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Well I managed to do it via script as that worked without issue rather than the GUI

EXEC sp_addlinkedserver @server='DBSVR2',



                                             @datasrc='.',--the data source

                                             @provstr='Integrated Security=SSPI';
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