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Exchange 2007 edb

Can we restore Exchange edb (First storage group\mailbox database.edb) to another exchange server ?

Do I just copy the edb to the new exchange server and delete the first storage group\mailbox database.edb and replace it with this one ?

How can I get all the mailboxes from that (old) mailbox database.edb ?

I had a exchange 2007 server with 10 mailboxes, I have installed exchange on another machine and was thinking if I can do the above ? or is there any way I can get all the mailboxes from that edb (old mailbox database) and import them into the new one.

I have deleted the old exchange install I had (these are test machines)

What are the steps required to get the DB working on the new machine ?

Also, I am confused about the recovery storage group ?

I can mount a mailbox database in recovery storage group, but when I try to get mailbox out of it, it won't match any thing ? can someone please assist in understanding RSG and how to restore the OLD mailbox database.

thanks and regards Phrontiste

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Sounds like the How to Restore a Mailbox Database to a New Server with Database Portability article would probably be helpful to you. Exchange database portability should help you with matters.

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There are some situations when built-in repair utilities do not work. In such cases a third party Exchange database repair software may help the Exchange Server applications. Here is one such popular Exchange tool that helped us in repairing and restoring the Exchange database files successfully:

This is really very useful application that effectively handles the corruption and data loss situations in database files.

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