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Are there any good web interfaces to put on a windows 2008 DNS server? That enables the users to edit dns entries?

A free system would be preferred, but a commercial system would also be an option in lack of a free one.

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I'm sure you have a good reason for using a Windows server in this way rather than using Linux & Bind...Anyway.

For a Windows server - presuming they are customer as opposed to administrators - some control panels exist that might fit your needs - a quick list of potential systems.

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The phrase "users edit DNS entries", to me, is a gun-foot problem. However, there is web admin in Win2008R2, not sure how far it goes.

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Yep, and for the same reason we will be seeing lots of classic sys-admin losing their jobs in the next ten years. Cloud and Serf-service will be the way... I can't wait to see this happening. –  sorin yesterday

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