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I just installed Oracle DB 10gR2 with Oracle Advanced Security, but cannot see the algorithms.

[user@db-1] adapters Installed Oracle Net transport protocols are: IPC BEQ TCP/IP SSL RAW

Installed Oracle Net naming methods are:

Local Naming (tnsnames.ora)
Oracle Directory Naming
Oracle Host Naming
Oracle Names Server Naming

Installed Oracle Advanced Security options are:

Where are all the algorithms for Oracle Advanced Security options please?

I checked the $ORACLE_HOME/bin/adapters file and it's looking for naea256i, naemd5i, etc. in the naetab.so file, but none of these are listed in the naetab.so file. What's wrong with the naetab.so file?


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Check out the Oracle Advanced Security Administrator's Guide, Oracle Advanced Security Architecture for a pretty nice graphical overview.

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Thank you, I did.


Install Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. For example, use the ee.rsp response file, not the standard.rsp response file.

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