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I have googled my eyes for the past three hours yet failed to find an answer as to HOW do I change the default Apacht PORT on Plesk.

I want to put all Hosts to Port 81. Updating the central config file is trivial, the funny thing is, however, that the per-host configuration files generated by plesk all have port 80 listed as default, for example:


I'd like plesk to write whatever port I like there instead of port 80.

Is there a way?

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I put a help request out for you to my tech support team. I'll have a response for you soon. Thanks for your patience.


Ok, here's what he told me.

"If you change the port in vhost's httpd.include, it will be overwritten by websrvmng when you add a new domain. As a possible solution you can use Event manager and event trigger for creating new domains with executing script for changing port number for vhosts. For example:

find $MY_FILEPATH  -name $MY_FILE -exec perl -p -i -e "s[:80][$MY_REPLACE]g" {} \;
service httpd restart"

Let me know if that helps.

Drew from Parallels @ParallelsPanel

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Great, thanks! _ – clops Jan 16 '10 at 17:09
Did this work? Doesn't the event work like this: CP Add Hosting Domain -> Execute Custom Event -> Plesk write config file? In which case any changes would be overwritten? It would seem to work like this for modifications. – Imo Aug 15 '10 at 15:43

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