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I connect to an ec2 instance via SSH.

What options do I have to transfer files over to my linux box?

Is there anything other than setting up an FTP server?

(I'm on a windows computer )

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Download WinSCP and use the sftp functionality. It makes use of your ssh connection.

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looks good (screenshots), thanks! – user2659 Jan 16 '10 at 0:02

Use scp with the same arguments as ssh:

scp -i key.pem path/to/local/file user@aws-server:path/to/remote/file
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An ec2 instance is the same as any other server, so you don't need to think in regards to how to work with ec2, just how to work with a linux server.

I prefer using FileZilla as it supports multiple types including FTP and SFTP so I can have all of my sites saved in one client.

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This is how I do it on Ubuntu:

sshfs ubuntu@ /home/matt/EC2 -o ssh_command='ssh -i /home/matt/.ssh/key.pem'
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