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I restored my Dell M4400 that is a company laptop, and now I get an error when I try to log on and am connected to our corporate network, which says that the domain controller could not be found or that the computer is not part of the domain. Everyone else can log on, so it seems my computer is no longer part of the domain, even though it thinks it is per the settings.

One thing of note: my computer crashed on 1/14/10, but I restored from a backup that was made on 12/20/09. So I am not sure if that made a difference? Also, I tried running "gpupdate" to update my group policy, but that did not seem to help.

Any ideas? Seems like a bit of a flaw in the backup system for computers that are part of a domain. I guess I wanted to hear from someone with more knowledge about how a computer is recognized as part of a domain to know if this should be expected when doing a restore or if I should file a trouble ticket.


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This is most likely due to the computer's domain account having had its password changed in the interval between the backup and the restore. If I recall correctly, Windows machines normally change their domain account password approximately every 30 days, so there's about an 83% chance that a password change happened between backup and restore. The problem can be corrected by having a domain administrator re-add the computer to the domain.