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Iam using window 2008 server on drive C and then on D drive i have all virtual machines folder.

I also have two more internal SATA drives

i want to backup the whole HD i.e drive C and D.

I like the way Vmware workstation takes snapshot of VM.

Is there any software or utility from where i can make snapshots or backups just like vmware so that i can restore at any time in the past.

The best thing which i like is that e,g i want test some software then first i make the snapshot of current state and then if something goes wrong i go back to that snapshot.

is there anything like that for actual OS just like vmware does for for VM.

I should be able to save the state if want to test something

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Try Symantec NetBackup with the Hyper-V extensions (Clicky)

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thnaks buddy i will try that – John Jan 19 '10 at 0:40

Acronis Trueimage has the required features too.

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