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I am trying to setup a network and I need some help on this.

I have the IP

I am using windows as a host and VM Server on top. I need for a 100 users: 1 DB server with 28 users 1 MailServer 1 WebServer

The DB must be accessed only by the 28 users and the rest 72 must access the MailServer Everyone connect to the intranet and the Web

I can't figure out how many networks I need and how to configure the Vswitches.

I hope you can help

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You can do this just by using user accounts; the DB, mail and web servers all work on different ports so can share an single NIC/IP but users connect just to the systems they're allowed to.

That said unless you're expecting EXTREMELY light usage I really wouldn't do this under VMWare Server to do this, it's not designed to handle that much traffic - try using the free VMWare ESX4i instead. You'll also want a fair amount of CPU and memory to support this setup.

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