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I have downloaded, and unzipped a SOLR release.

I have run the start.jar in the example directory, and have accessed the admin page in my browser. I am using a virtual server on my computer (wampserver).

What should I do next, and is the adress to the SOLR interface always the same, ie: http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/ ?

How can I POST xml files to the post.jar file as the tutorial says I should do... I have no terminal (i think, because I am using windows)... I am completely new to SOLR so detailed answer is appreciated.

I have several records in a mysql database now that I want to index with SOLR, how should I do this?

ALSO, in the SOLR tutorial it says SOLR only accepts xml files, then how would I export my records to SOLR from mysql?


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this belongs in stackoverflow – Mauricio Scheffer Jan 17 '10 at 21:00
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You already asked most of these questions on stackoverflow:

About Solr accepting XML only: XML is used as an envelope for the document. It's used to define what data goes into each field. It does not mean that Solr only accepts XML data.

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