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can anyone recommend a Sata pci or pci-e card that is compatible with OpenSolaris? Raid isn't necessary as aim is to use ZFS.

I ended up getting:
- Intel sasuc8i (based on LSI 1068)
- Dell 5/i SAS (Dell code UCS-51)
- Sil3124 based card

Both are very cheap(sil3124 ~$50, Dell $25 including cables), 4 port and work reasonably well using OpenSolaris build 132. The Dell card doesn't always play nice on Intel chipset boards. It requires taping pins 5-6 from the pci-e connector.

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It's best if you check the OpenSolaris Hardware Compatibility Page before you purchase HW.

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Thanks, found one to fit my need. – Illotus Jan 19 '10 at 10:07

Supermicro makes an add-on PCI-X card that uses the same chipset as the X4540/Thumpers and people seem to have good success with it. Supermicro also has a PCI-e version, but I haven’t heard anything as far as compatibility.

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