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php-cgi seems to have vanished in PHP 5.3.1. I've tried both the --enable-cgi and --disable-cli flags for ./configure, but it doesn't create a binary under the sapi/cgi subdirectory.

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Which OS and what version of OS are you using ? – proy Jan 20 '10 at 15:05
RHEL4. (why is the a 15-character minimum on this comment box?!) – geofflee Jan 20 '10 at 16:05
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I realise I'm very late to the party on this, but I think PHP FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is the replacement.

You need to use PHP 5.3.3 and use the --enable-fpm configure flag, or use the patch at the php-fpm website for earlier versions. An executable called php-fpm gets created in sapi/fpm.

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It appears that php-fpm and php-cgi are mutually exclusive -- that is, if you use the --enable-fpm configure option, it will not build the php-cgi executable.

If you need both present, a workaround is to build without --enable-fpm, store away a copy of the php-cgi executable, re-configure with --enable-fpm, and re-build.

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I solved same problem.

Looks like when you try to ./configure you use --with-apxs -that block to compile php-cgi version. Simply not set this.

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If you are using Ubuntu I can see that the application is named as "php5-cgi"

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No, I am using RHEL4 (which does not have a PHP5 RPM) and need to compile from source. – geofflee Jan 20 '10 at 16:04

I use the following switches for ./configure, however this is for CentOS 5 and PHP 5.2.13, I hope this helps in some way:

./configure --prefix=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-config-file-path=$INSTALL_BASE/etc/ \
  --enable-force-cgi-redirect \
  --enable-mbstring \
  --enable-fastcgi \
  --enable-gd-native-ttf \
  --enable-ftp \
  --enable-sockets \
  --enable-wddx \
  --enable-sqlite-utf8 \
  --enable-mbstring \
  --enable-mbregex \
  --enable-calendar \
  --enable-zip \
  --with-libxml-dir=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-freetype-dir=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-openssl \
  --with-mhash=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-mcrypt=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-zlib-dir=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-bz2 \
  --with-jpeg-dir=/usr \
  --with-png-dir=/usr \
  --with-gd \
  --with-iconv=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-curl=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-pgsql \
  --with-gettext \
  --with-imap=$INSTALL_BASE \
  --with-imap-ssl=/usr \
  --enable-bcmath \
  --with-pear \
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