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What are some good systems for running a lightweight Linux server. Typical uses:

  • Apache Web Server (light access)
  • SCP/SSH Server (remote file access / tunnel)
  • SVN Server

Important factors:

  • Cheap ($300 or less)
  • Small
  • Energy Efficient

I have been looking at the Fit-PC as a possible platform for this type of server. Is this the best way to go? Is there another option I should consider?

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Have you considered building your own?

The Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX platforms are both quite small and components are very cheap.

For example:

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If you're looking for an even more lightweight Linux server, you could try the SheevaPlug devkit. It has a 1.2GHz CPU, 512mb of ram, and GbEthernet and USB2.0 plugs, and you can't get much smaller.

Sadly, it's currently on a four week backorder.

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I second the build your own route.

Total cost ~$200. Not bad for a dual core server. Plus it has hyper threading.

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Acer has a new device:

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