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We're currently testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted by Fpweb. I've been asked by the lead on the project how we can increase the speed at which CRM pages in IE load. The delay seems reasonable to me for a virtual server located across the country.

Has anyone succeeded in speeding things up with aggressive caching (i.e. a WAN accelerator) or by some other means? Do your employees complain about the speed of hosted Dynamics CRM?

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CRM isn't very fast to start with, using a hosted solution isn't helping, but bringing it in house probably isn't going to help as much as you'd think. Caching could help, or really screw with the system, depending on what customizations you're running and how often you update data.

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We use hosted Dynamics CRM (not from Fpweb but still) and don't get many complaints. It isn't superspeedy but it is good enough. Because of this, we've not tried to do any WAN acceleration or anything else.

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