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How to block websites for particular IPs by squid?

Please give solution with example or configuration file.

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Example :

I blocked Facebook & orkut to all user but now i want to open only facebook to particular user or IP

Option 1 : Specify site with in configuration file,

acl special_clients src "/etc/squid/special_client_ips.txt"

acl facebook dstdomain

acl orkut dstdomain

Under http access

http_access allow facebook special_clients

http_access deny facebook

http_access deny orkut

http_access allow all

Option 2 : Stick both client IP s and destination domains into lists,

acl special_clients src "/etc/squid/special_client_ips.txt"

acl bad_domains dstdomain "/etc/squid/bad_domains.txt"

Under http access

http_access allow bad_domains special_clients

http_access deny bad_domains

http_access allow all

  • I get it from net, It work very well

  • Thanks cstamas

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You need somthing like this:

acl BlockedHost src
http_access deny BlockedHost

The config file is well commented searching for the word acl will help you further.

Squid acl faq

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