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I am doing a backup of my desktop to a remote machine. I'm basically doing rsync -a ~ example.com:backup/ However there are loads of large files, e.g. wikipedia dumps etc. Most of the files I care a lot about a small, such as firefox cookie files, or .bashrc. Is there some invocation to rsync that will exclude files that are over a certain size? That way I could copy all files that are less than 10MB first, then do all files. That way I can do a fast backup of the most important files, then a longer backup of everything else.

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There is a max-size option:

--max-size=SIZE         don't transfer any file larger than SIZE


# rsync -rv --max-size=1.5m root@tss01:/tmp/dm

Will send only files less than 1.5m.

Regarding sizes from man: The suffixes are as follows: "K" (or "KiB") is a kibibyte (1024), "M" (or "MiB") is a mebibyte (1024*1024), and "G" (or "GiB") is a gibibyte (1024*1024*1024). If you want the multiplier to be 1000 instead of 1024, use "KB", "MB", or "GB". (Note: lower-case is also accepted for all values.) Finally, if the suffix ends in either "+1" or "-1", the value will be offset by one byte in the indicated direction*

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