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Server is Windows 7 Ultimate, client is Windows 7 Professional.

Server setup: (from Network Connections screen)
> File -> New
> incoming connection Who may connect?
> Added a user How will people connect?
> Through the internet. Networking
> Software: IPv4, File and Print Sharing, QoS Scheduler checked, IPv6 unchecked
> Allow access

Client setup: (From Control Panel)
> Setup a VPN connection
>     Type the address... dotted IPv4 address
>     Type your user name and password... used the user added during server VPN setup
>     Verifying username and password...

Then "Registering your computer on the network" fails with

Error 720: A connection to the remote computer could not be established. You might need to change the network settings for this connection.

Wireshark shows the connection request is received and authentication succeeds, but a PPP LCP Protocol-Reject packet is generated for IPCP and IP6CP protocols. Checking settings verifies that both sides are set to use IPv4. Removing IPv6 from the client didn't help either.

Does anyone know what "network setting" needs to be changed so that IPv4 is used on the VPN?

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