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Why store the CakePHP files outside of the webroot?

For example, this is the way way that I have always been told to do it.


I know its because of security, but why? its not like the users can view files in the /app/ folder anyways. The htaccess prevents that correct?

If the user was able to get a malicious script on my webserver it wouldn't matter if the /app/ folder was in the /public_html/ or outside of the webroot, they would still alter the files under the /app/ folder, right?

So why bother?

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Why take the risk? If they are not in the webroot they can never be served by Apache by mistake. Sure it shouldn't make a difference but it goes against the Principal of Least Privilege.

Also you would normally want to have your public folder as the root of the URL, sending people to looks a bit naff?

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the fewer files that people have access to , the simpler your access logs will be. – djangofan Sep 17 '10 at 22:36

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