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How to show the adminstrator UserName in Logon Screen of Windows2008 R2 ?

I installed the Windows2008 R2, at first it shows the adminstrator UserName in Logon Screen, but when I installed remote desktop features, it asked me to enter the UserName and Password in the Logon Screen each time.

When I uninstalled remote desktop features, it shows adminstrator UserName in Logon Screen again. Why? And How to show UserName in Logon Screen with the remote desktop features installed?

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I don't know why this would be related to installing the .NET Framework, but can you open the Local Security Policy MMC snap-in and check this setting?

Local Policies > Security Options > Interactive Logon: Do not display last user

If you're part of a domain, you may need to check the domain policies as well.

Also, you may want to see this.

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I have solved the problem by uninstalling the remote desktop features. But I do not know why. – Mike108 Jan 25 '10 at 22:42
Why is this a problem, logging on as the administrator shouldn't be done too often, and when done - just type it in... or use remote desktop client which will ask you first anyway... – Oskar Duveborn Jan 25 '10 at 23:34
I see you changed the question (originally it was about why installing .NET 3.5 would be affect whether the username was displayed). I have a feeling I'm misunderstanding you, but I guess if this is really a problem, I'd add the features you removed back and see if the policy I mentioned above changes. Sometimes controlled experimentation is the easiest way to figure out how something works. – jlupolt Jan 26 '10 at 19:09

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