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I am having an issue with deployed printers using group policy and the 2008 print server.

The print server is actually 2 servers setup in a failover cluster (server 2k8 x64) running a print server as a service/application.

I am doing this for fault tolerance as printing is a critical component of the organization and there are well over 120 printers that different people print to depending on department and location. For this reason, I am setting up group policies and security groups and deploying printers to group policies that apply to security groups on a per user basis.

My issue is that we are also using roaming profiles and it seems that it may be conflicting with the printer deployment. My user on the domain is not under a roaming profile and I have deployed printer a to my departments gpo and also another departments gpo. One of the users from the other department to which I have deployed a printer to via gpo is not getting the printer added. The user in question has a roaming profile and is using xp. When I log on as that user to any XP machine the printer is not adding, when I log on as that user to a vista/7 machine the printer is adding properly; note that the roaming profile does not apply when logging into a vista/7 machine, only xp machines. Yes the XP machines have the 2008 GPO CSE installed and are service pack 3. The printer also properly deploys to my user under any os (xp, 7, 2008, vista).

The only difference between the security settings is my user has DA. The security settings on the printer and the print server are identical, the user has local administrative rights on any machine he/she logs into on the domain via gpo. The difference I am seeing is that the other user has a roaming profile where as I don't.

I'm at a loss and would appreciate any help or feedback, thanks!

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