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I have BIND working on Windows Server 2003. I want to forward my queries to another server. Recursion is working but forwarding is not working. Can you guide me to set it up? I have given the following in the options:

options { 
       directory "c:\named\zones"; 
       allow-transfer { none; }; 
       forward only; 
       forwarders { ; }; 
       recursion no;

Is the format for forwarding correct in the above.

If not what is the format. Am i to give any port number in the forwarders line? Does forwarding have any particular port number?

Thank You in advance....

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That configuration should work. Do you get any errors in the log files? – Dan Andreatta Mar 21 '10 at 21:54

Recursion should not be working, as you have "recursion no;".

options {
  recursion yes;
  allow-recursion { localhost; };
  forward only;
  forwarders {;; };
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