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How do you use the "screen" tool ?

I'm looking for best practices and config tips :

  • To keep clean and ordered sessions on several servers
  • To have a beautiful colored interface
  • To have a fully featured taskbar
  • To get many other features I didn't think about

I'm currently using screen only to run commands and be able to "detach" the terminal and logout. What do you use it for ? What are the other use cases ?

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I still recommend the Gentoo wiki article for screen tips (even though some of it was lost).

I highly recommend you replace Ctrl-A with backtick (escape `` in the screenrc) because it makes for more comfortable screen use. The above link tells how to do that, how to make a fancy taskbar (hard status string), and more.

Plug alert, I blogged about some screen tips here :-)

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Here's a good post on some lesser known/hidden screen features:

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