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I want to create a Debian package that runs a few scripts in postinst. These scripts are only needed in postinst (they're just too unwieldy to include in postinst itself).

Is there a standard way to have them included and accessible in the installation process and then discarded, or should I simply put them in /usr/share/package-name/ and run them from there?

I decided to put the scripts in /usr/share/package-name/ and run them there, but I'm still interested in an answer to the question.

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/usr/share/package-name/ is the way to go; packages are made of control files and content and nothing else.

The really complicated setups like exim4-config, ldap-auth-config and krb5-config get their own packages to hold configuration scripts and semi-generated conffiles. Things like ebox are also in large part configuration generators.

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