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I have a physical disk with a small (60GB) partition containing my guest OS. The physical disk also contains a large (240GB) block of unpartitioned space. My vmdk is defined as a physical "individual partition".

I want to convert the source physical "individual partition" vmdk into a local (file-based) vmdk. The command -

     vmware-vdiskmanager -r sourcevmdk targetvmdk -t 2

creates a 300GB vmdk that includes both the desired 60GB "individual partition" and the 240GB of useless unpartitioned space !

How can I create a local vmdk with just the individual partition?

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VMware Converter will allow you to convert the VM and exclude the unused partition during the conversion. The standalone version is free and as far as I'm aware supports VMware Server as a destination platform - I'm assuming that's what you need as you are using vmware-vdiskmanager.

If you were using ESX\ESXi there are a number of command line alternatives but even so Converter is probably the simplest way to do this. Just make a copy of the whole VM, leaving out the unwanted partition, and delete the original (once you are certain the new VM is OK that is).

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