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Is it possible to have roaming profiles for Windows, and portable home directories for Mac OS X be served up from a Linux Server ?

ie: 1 home directory for a mixed environment.

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Yes, though its probably too time-consuming a task for a home setup.

  • You'll want to set up your Linux box as a Samba Domain Controller Using OpenLDAP for authentication.
  • set up your shares and user's home drives and profiles in smb.conf and in ldap

*/ - for apple connectivity - */ - Add in the apple schema to your ldap (you'll need to disable schema checking in slapd.conf = schemacheck off) - Configure your mac clients to use your openldap server as a network account server (different in 10.6) - in ldap, add the objectclass "apple-user" to you user accounts and the attributes "apple-user-homeDirectory" and "apple-user-homeurl" pointing to the samba address of your user's home directories.

eg: apple-user-homeDirectory: /Network/Servers/

apple-user-homeurl: smb://

useful links:

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