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is there a standard command-line for linux answering a description of the server (model, number of cores(?), speed(?)...)?

Thanks, Pierre

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Not really no (in general, how do you define "description"?), but you can pull most of that info using dmidecode.

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That'll work for server make, model, etc. If he just wants the type and number of cores, $ cat /proc/cpuinfo will do just fine. –  EEAA Jan 28 '10 at 16:12

dmesg shows load of your hardware too.

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If your machine has been up for a while dmesg may no longer have the boot messages. If that's a case look for a /var/log/dmesg.boot file which will have the boot messages. –  voretaq7 Jan 28 '10 at 16:21

Ubuntu provides lshw in ubuntu-standard, it will be on any distribution ending with "untu". Many other distributions have their own tools, a lot of it can be found in /proc. You can find the man page for lshw here

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cat /proc/cpuinfo = CPU information
lspci = Shows PCI card Hardware name
uname -a = Shows kernel version, architecture & build date/host
cat /proc/meminfo = memory (wired + vm) info

These have worked on every linux system i've seen. lspci is part of the pciutils package, and relies on a database of PCI id's. The stuff in /proc would only be the pci id's)

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Try these:

# uname -a

# dmidecode

# vpddecode
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