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Need a task that outputs a CSV text file of a couple of tables about every 5 minutes.
Server is MSSQL 2008. It is a production server.

requirements are:
* utf8 output
* '\t' or ';' cell separator
* '\n' row terminator
* file should be overwritten * the output is a join of two tables (dbo.article and dbo.stock key being 'c_art')

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There's so little information in the question that I'm not entirely sure of your requirements, but you can use BCP in a scheduled task or as a stored procedure to accomplish this.

Command format:

BCP <table> out <filename> <switches>

The switches used here are:

    * -c Output in ASCII with the default field terminator (tab) and row terminator (crlf)
    * -t override the field terminator with ","
    * -T use a trusted connection. Note that U –P may be used for username/password
    * -S connect to this server to execute the command
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added requirements, thanks – medecau Jan 29 '10 at 9:27

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