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As an administrator managing Mac and Windows Users, via a web application, how can I change/reset a user’s LAN password to allow them to login to their Macs and Windows?

I am looking for an example of a web application, preferably ASP.NET but any other web language will do, that lets an administrator change Mac and Windows LAN password.

Any technique, application, or source code will be great.


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Can you define "LAN password"? Do you mean just a user password used to log on to their workstations? Is this authentication done through a Active Directory domain, through LDAP, through another directory system, or just with local users? – phoebus Jan 29 '10 at 4:14

I assume LAN password is Active Directory password? The below is self-service which I think can be better than an admin needing to intervene. I haven't really seen solutions for an admin to login and reset other people's passwords. We just have the admins run Active Directory Users and Computers to reset other people's passwords...

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