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I have a Sharepoint 2007(wss 3) instance that is growing about 600 Mb a day. Is there a report or tool that will show me where this space is being used?

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The MSIT reporting framework has a site size tracking report.

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Good catch on MSIT on Codeplex – Dave M Jan 29 '10 at 17:13

Used this evaluation at one point and it has some great reports. AdminReportsKit

Not sure if there is anything on Codeplex Worth a look

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You can also get a handle on who's using the most space by library, document, list or recycle bin with "Storage Space Allocation" under Site Settings->Site Collection Administration. This comes with a catch, though: you have to enable a site collection quota in central admin before you can see it (Central Administration->Application Management->Site Collection Quotas and Locks).

We just enabled a sufficiently large quota using the "Individual Quota" template, and got to set a size warning as a bonus. It's certainly not as full-featured as the other stuff, but it's built in.

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