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I uploaded a file via ftp and the ftp link to that file works but when I try to access the file http, I get page not found

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more info will be nice. – dawez Jan 29 '10 at 22:38

Hard to tell. Description is too brief. You can have mistake in your URL. Other possibility is server configuration. Sometimes changes needs time to be seen (because of proxy ...).

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Those are different protocols. FTP = file transfer protocol, HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Your HTTP server needs to be aware of the file (and location) to serve it over that protocol

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It's possible that the FTP site has been mapped to a folder in your web site based on your user name. Try /username/file to see if you can get to it from HTTP.

Like everyone else is saying though, more information will help diagnose the problem.

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I have no problem accessing other files uploaded via http but this m4a file can only be accessed ftp, when trying to access http I get page not found – Brandon Jan 29 '10 at 22:52
depending on your web server, it may not send files to the client that it doesn't know the associated mime type of. IIS 7 (for example) by default won't send M4A files unless you go in and tell it that M4A files have a mime type of audio/mp4 Here's some instructions on adding a mime type in IIS Add a MIME Type in IIS 7 – TheTodd Feb 23 '11 at 23:03

You mentioned in a comment that 'all other files work (via http) except for this m4a file, which wont.

Sounds like its one of two things (and most probably the latter)

1) its a permissions problem (and good luck with that)

2) your webserver (or your webserver's admin) won't let you host .m4a files.

There should be an easy way to check. Upload a second .m4a file and see if you can download that via HTTP.

If this fails then rename one of the files .txt and try and download it. (if this works then you are having file names blocked by extension).

You could also try and upload a TEXT file and rename it text.m4a see if you can download this. If you can, then the server is actually checking the filetype rather than the last three letters of the name.

You want to know how to host these music files? Stick them in a zip file ;)

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