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I was used to having a post-commit hook trigger processing of the commit message by Trac (SVN repository). The comment (or action) was added immediately.

Now I switched to Mercurial as a VCS and Redmine as a ticketing system. Redmine does recognize information in changeset/commit messages like "refs #185" - but it takes several minutes to appear in the ticket.

Any ideas why this is? Is the routine to grab the changesets called periodically somehow?

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Well, this Redmine feature request gives it away:

Currently, new changeset information is only fetched when you view the repository. So if you update an issue, and mention a revision in it, it doesn't get hyperlinked until someone has viewed the repository.

While I did not find a ready-made post-commit hook to update the Redmine with new changesets, the poor man's solution is cron of course. This questions discusses it: Redmine: fetch changesets from cron job

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