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We've always used Simple File Sharing. But I'm having some network difficulties with a new Windows 7 PC and I'm thinking we should be using Advanced Sharing. But as I got into it I realized it's far more complicated than I thought.

For example:

  • Guest account apparently isn't included in the Everyone acccount.
  • I'm not sure how to add users to a particular account (like adding Guest to Everyone) or
  • How to give permission to access a folder to User X. (I tried using Permissions in Advanced Sharing and ComputerName\userName and just UserName (obviously using the real names ) but got an error that "Name not found"

So I'm looking for a good step by step tutorial. Free online resources are great (cheap and fast) but a book (or paid PDF download) would be OK too if it's good. Suggestions?

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Found one resource that looks good:

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