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How do I create a subdomain in Plesk 9 so that it would point to a folder inside web root of my main site?

I want both sub.domain.com and domain.com/sub point to the same folder /var/www/htdocs/domain.com/httpdocs/sub

Plesk 9 unlike previous versions does not ask me how and where I want to host a subdomain... Why, btw?

Previously I used CPanel everywhere and liked it for the level of control it gives me. Though, it can look complex to first-time user.

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I will answer myself. Published a solution in my blog: http://www.fractalizer.ru/frpost_418/plesk-9-adding-a-subdomain-tp-custom-folder-inside-webroot/

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From http://www.parallels.com/eu/download/plesk/products/

"When you download Parallels Plesk Panel from our website, you are downloading a free, fully functional version, activated for 1-domain and 1-email."

Are you using the free version?

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Probably. Does it change anything if it is "fully functional version"? –  Vladislav Rastrusny Feb 1 '10 at 10:42
Addition: no, I am not because I already added 2 domains without problem –  Vladislav Rastrusny Feb 1 '10 at 10:51

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