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I have a working courier-imap server on my Debian Etch private server ; users are virtual, authentificatin goes through mysql. It's been working good for years.

I would like to share an imap folder between 2 users.

I thought I would just have to do something like this :

cd path/to/mailusers/dir
ln -s path/to/user1/maildir/.folder_to_be_synched path/to/user2/maildir/

After I entered the command, I found that user2 saw a new folder in its imap client, but the folder appeared empty.

It is not a permission problem because all the virtual users have the same permissions on the file system.

Any idea what I could do ?


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You might need to setup IMAP ACLs using the maildiracl command. Since you're using a virtual setup, these are how Courier enforces access control. These ACLs are stored in the courierimapacl file and the syntax is described in the maildiracl man page. For example, you can use this syntax to give another user read access to a folder:

maildiracl -set /somedirectorypath/user/Maildir/ INBOX user=otheruser lr

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