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We are moving our websites to a new server, and in the process, have found that our current version of cPanel 11.24 doesn't have a maximum number of characters for a MySQL Database Username, like cPanel 11.25 does (it's set to 7). However, we have MySQL users whose names are longer than 7 characters.

1) Will something disastrous happen if we upgrade cPanel on our current server? 2) How can I change this setting in the new version of cPanel / WHM?

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Every cPanel server should have this length limit enforced regardless of version, since MySQL itself has a limit of 16 characters for a username. Thus, when you create a MySQL user for the cPanel user, you end up with 7 characters to spare: unixuser_1234567

Citation for MySQL 16 character max: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/4.1/en/user-names.html

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