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For e-mail, we use Microsoft Exchange and it is hosted by

We have about 30 Exchange accounts that I would like to backup to a PST file. That is, for each account that we have (all 30), I would like to create a single PST file (1.pst thru 30.pst).

I do not have direct access to the Exchange server. Basically, for each Exchange account, I can supply:

  1. The IP address for the Exchange server or the URL to the OWA.
  2. The Username
  3. The Password

Is there a tool out there that can do this for me?

It seems that Microsoft's "Online Services Migration Tools" comes awfully close, but it appears that its geared to pull data out of any Exchange server and push it into Microsoft Online. I don't believe it can be used to simply pull the data out and generate PST's.

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Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Maybe I should use a tool that backs-up stuff via IMAP? Is there a good batch-IMAP backup tool out there where I give it the credentials for 30 accounts and it goes through and downloads all the data? – Mike Wallace Feb 4 '10 at 18:12

The Exchange Migration Wizard will do what you want; it became the Online Services Migration Tool a version or two ago.

The simplest alternative is probably to set up a (physical or virtual) machine with 30 IMAP profiles in Outlook, each pointed to a different PST. Secure it appropriately and voila. Instant backup mechanism.

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So does it then just send/receive all the emails at once, or do you have to go in and switch between profiles? I'm just fuzzy on how the details of this would be if I actually got it set up. – Matt Sep 26 '12 at 15:32

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