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i need to change the property (Casesnsitve = on To Casesnsitve = oFF ) for a Databse created on SQl Anywhere 9

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You can't change the case sensitivity of an existing database. You will have to create a new database (the easiest way is to use the dbinit utility, but don't use the -c switch), and then use the dbunload utility to unload and reload the data into the new database.

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Thank you very much for your kindly , i neet to add that my case is : i'am using that database with replication .i have 7 branch each one has a srerver which contain one remote user(database) of that databse ' ************** so i need to verify that i'am in the right way or not : i must Creat new dadabase for each remot user or Creat a new database for the main one then extract a new databse for each remot user ? – ahmed Feb 3 '10 at 11:56

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